The former client town of Hillsfar, Yûlash is now largely abandoned. For decades Yulash was a battleground where Red Plumes and the Zhentish forces from Zhentil Keep fought for control. Yûlash offers a commanding view for miles around, as well as an excellent tactical advantage to any defender. These two factors alone made Yûlash a much sought-after prize. The town sits upon a wide stone-and-earth plateau, laid out in the shape of a war shield facing up.

The subterranean tunnels beneath the village are rumored to be overrun with foul things from the Underdark. Few are willing to chance a visit. Occasionally a creature emerges from the Underdark to attack the local folk. The Red Plumes barricade any entrance to a subterranean tunnel that they find.


Once a large fortified city, Yulash (also known as Y’lash) served as a crossroads for centuries between Voonlar, Hillsfar, and points North. Both Zhentil Keep and Hillsfar fought for control of the city, until the god Moander, imprisoned by elves underneath the city was accidentally released, after which it smashed the Citadel manned by Zhentilar forces, severely weakening them. Hillsfar attacked and routed the Zhents, and took control of the town. The leader of Hillsfar at the time, Maalthiir intended to rebuild Yulash, however the appearance of a Netherese Shade Enclave dragged the Moonsea communities into a war that saw Hillsfar ally with its former enemies as well as the demon tainted elvish House Dlardrageth of Cormanthar to fight them. Then there was betrayal and counter betrayal and Maalthiir was forced to flee Hillsfar. In the meantime most of the remaining population of Yulash fled for other communities. Now only a few hardy souls live here, and almost all of those in farmlands on the outskirts of the town.

There is a Red Plume outpost here of 50 soldiers and their families who keep an eye on the area and hunt down and kill any monsters that come from the ruins or from the surrounding wilderness.

The Zhentarim use the tunnels under Yulash as a conduit to the Underdark to trade with the communities there. Arrizz the drow also uses this route to smuggle weapons and resources for war down to the drow fighting the fire giants. Sometimes Arrizz uses the Zhentarim, sometimes he works with hired mercenaries.


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