Szith Morcane

Szith Morcane is an outpost of the drow city of Maerimydra in the Underdark. The outpost is the closest drow community to the southern Moonsea and Dalelands areas, and in the past had been a staging post for drow raids against the surface lands, Daggerdale in particular. It is named after the Lolth-worshipping noble drow house Morcane who ruled the outpost until they were overthrown and killed in 1372 DR by drow worshippers of Kiaransalee – the drow goddess of vengeance and the undead. After the defeat of the the cult of Kiaransalee, Solom Ned’razak took over control of the outpost and began making plans to permanently seal the Daggerdale entrance with a magical barrier. He has been the ruler of Szith Morcane ever since.

The drow of Szith Morcane are concerned about Maerimydra which has been ruled by fire giants, allegedly insane and demon corrupted, for many years. They have started making initial forays into the area around Szith Morcane, capturing resources and taking slaves. There is concern that Szith Morcane is a target of conquest by the fire giants, and then the surface world will be assaulted shortly after that. The ruler of Szith Morcane Solom Ned’razak, the archwizard is expecting the worst and is trying to find options to combat the threat. He has sent an emissary named Murssvayas Dhuurniv to the surface lands of the Moonsea area to find out what aid might be possible from there, and if none is coming, pave the way for a drow retreat to the Cormanthor Forest. Arrizz the drow smuggler living in the Cormanthor Forest is also procuring weapons and resources of war for the drow community and taking them into the Underdark via tunnels underneath Yulash.

Legends state that Szith Morcane is built into the side of a yawning chasm in the Upperdark of the Deep Wastes. The outpost is connected not by streets and caverns but by a vast spider’s web that covers the wall. Spun by an enormous spider which lairs in the chasm, the drow are careful to only travel on the ‘safe’ non-sticky strands as they are all to aware that those who get caught in the webbing are prey for the beast. Just above the town resides a driders’ lair, where transformed drow who have been outcast from Szith Morcane live.

Despite the presence of a decent-sized garrison and its sizable wizard school, Szith Morcane’s unique construction is perhaps its most significant defence. Located on the side of a chasm, the only navigable way around the outpost is along a network of webbing. Any who stray from the few “safe” and non-sticky strands of web fall prey to a fiendish monstrous spider which allows a dedicated web team to stick to the "safe strands and patrol the cavern quite effectively. In addition, both the Inverted Tower and House Morcane are protected by powerful magical wards.

Notable locations

Along with slave caverns (hardly used), a bazaar area (a pale shadow of it’s glory days), and well-defended barracks, Szith Morcane boasts other locations of interest.

Inverted Tower
A tower so named for its odd construction of rooms branching off from a single central spire and the small, insular community of wizards who occupy it.

Fane of Lolth
Primary temple to the Spider Queen before its inhabitants were killed by the worshipers of Kiaransalee, which was located in House Morcane.


Szith Morcane has fallen to the fire giants of Maerimydra. It is likely the surface world will suffer from their raids in the future unless something is done.

Szith Morcane

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