Stumbleduck.jpgStumbleduck (not his real name) is a rock gnome and one of the few non-humans still in Hillsfar not in the Arena. He moves around underground when he can, and only at night disguised as a human street urchin when can’t. He is smooth shaven for that purpose and has a crew of real street urchins to travel with.

Stumbleduck is the co-owner of Titys’s Emporium, and this is one of his many hiding places as well as a place of business and planning. He also assists in freeing non-humans from the Arena when he can, getting a proxy to pay bribes to guards, telling them that the rescued non-human is going to be used for painful medical experiments.

Stumbleduck is an important figure in one of the many smuggling operations in and out of Hillsfar, where his team specialises in selling and delivering contraband (weapons, drugs, alcohol) and farming equipment for non-human farmers. He and his human business partner at Titys’s also have a legitimate importing and exporting business.

Stumbleduck rescued Minimus from the Arena, and employs him to escort goods around the Hillsfar region.


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