After 1700 years living in the Plane of Shadow, in the Year of Wild Magic (1372 DR), the floating Netherese city of Thultanthar returned to Faerûn after the elf Galaeron Nihmedu finished a spell to bring Shade back to Toril where the Shadovar, led by Telamont Tanthul, found themselves floating over the Dire Wood. Almost immediately, the princes of Thultanthar (now known more commonly by its translated name of Shade) were busy looking for Netherese ruins and artifacts as well as spying on people and places that could possibly hinder their ultimate goal of creating a new Netheril in their image. The Netherese expanded their new empire for the next 113 years.

In 1487 DR, Thultanthar was brought to ground by Elminster Aumar to stop Telamont Tanthul from taking control of The Weave, the source of all magic. The floating city fell upon Myth Drannor, destroying both cities.

The dazed surviving Shadovar were suddenly homeless and left with no chain of command—when they had been used to a daily life of order in obedience to absolute command—and with the everyday magical wards and effects prevailing in Thultanthar gone with their city. Moreover, the surviving Princes of Shade—if any—have also fallen silent. They may be recuperating in hiding, they may be humiliated and preferring to keep hidden until they are whole once more, and they may be as bewildered as “ordinary” arcanists far below them in rank, and concealing themselves while they try to make some sense of it all.

Whatever the reasons, the surviving Shadovar are scattered in a hostile world, with their own confidence in their innate superiority shattered. It’s a world some of them are woefully unfamiliar with, and a world that hates and fears them—if it knows of them at all.

In the same year the Court of Three appeared, a secret society made up of Shadovar survivors established in one of the more intact towers of the Citadel of the Raven. They have gathered together a few score of Shadovar (and non-Shadovar). However there were many of Shadovar individuals who personally found freedom from the Tanthuls to be a sudden flame of vital life and refuse to step back under the heel of anyone. From now on, they’re going it alone, or cooperating with fellow Shadovar on an individual, probably temporary basis, on their terms.

Or, in other words, Faerûn has just acquired a large new supply of independent, opportunistic “loner” wizards who are far from novices and whose world-view has been rocked (so they are changing).

For them and for Toril, the future could hold—anything.


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