Seranolla.jpgSeranolla is a female forest gnome, a Priestess of Mielikki, who is usually found at the Hall of the Unicorn, dedicated to Mielikki, the only full temple in Elventree. She is also the senior member of the Emerald Enclave in the Moonsea region.

Seranolla can hide easily, and does so often unless she has a reason to draw attention to herself. Her green dress and dark brown skin blend into the foliage with only her bright smile and attentive gaze giving her away. She doesn’t speak unless she has to, and even then she speaks softly in a near whisper. When asked about that she says “Sorry, I rarely speak with people, so it takes some getting used to.”

If asked about how she came to be part of the Emerald Enclave she says:
“I was born before the Sundering in the forest of Cormanthor, near the River Lis. By your standards I might be quiet, but among my people I am thought of as extroverted and outgoing, so it was only natural that I would be the one to speak with the elves. It was with them that I first considered that there might be those that would abuse the gifts of nature.”

“The people of Elmwood were clearing trees to expand their fields with indiscriminate use of fire, disrupting the land and driving the wildlife deeper into the forest. I accompanied some of the elves who went to treat with the farmers who had grown concerned about the danger of the villagers’ actions. My friends explained why the village’s actions posed a danger to the rest of the forest and eventually we were able to help the people of Elmwood strike a balance between the needs of the wood and their fields. As we left Elmwood, my elven friends told me that they were members of a group called the Emerald Enclave and it was their duty to preserve the natural order, preventing civilization and the wilderness from destroying each other. I decided to leave my home and join them.”

Seranolla is also a member of the Moonsea Emergency Council, a group of decision makers dedicated to removing the influence of Graz’zt in the Moonsea and Dalelands region, as well as finding ways to return him to the Abyss.


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