Rumours and Information 6

A small earthquake or some other phenomenon has created a large sinkhole about half a day’s travel from Hillsfar. At the bottom of the sinkhole is a large river leading off into darkness. Cundall, a druid from Elventree, is claiming to have made the hole and has been insisting people call it Cundall’s Hole.

The elves of Cormanthor recently petitioned First Lord Torin to repeal the law that outlaws non-humans from his city. His response was to hurl their envoy into the arena. Arias Goldthorn is the Emerald Enclave’s chief contact in the Elven Court, and they want him back alive.

People, including party members, having nightmares about the Underdark. Even the First Lord is reported to have nightmares.

Talented artists are producing similar work. Eccentric artist shows off his work. Amid bizzare, other-worldly landscapes and vague figures are familiar details from your dreams. (Graz’zt and the Crimson Trinity) A child creates sculptures of Graz’zt and the Crimson Trinity, not knowing what they are.

Gheriot, the large, charismatic man who turned up out of nowhere and wormed his way into the court of the First Lord is the Master of Ceremonies for the Arena Games. Apparently Gheriot thinks the games should be more spectacular, and more bloody. He has promised a spectacular bloodbath event based on a historical battle. Everyone in Hillsfar is talking about it with either enthusiasm, dread, or disgust.

The madness affecting some areas of the land, including Hillsfar, has gotten worse and is seen as responsible for violent behaviour, abuse, neglect of children, breaking down of relationships, rumours and accusations, murders and even lynchings when groups pick on individuals. Secret cults have sprung up and the sign of the six fingered black hand appears everywhere. Some of these cults are allegedly kidnapping people for sacrifices to Graz’zt.

The Lords’ Alliance has a wizard named Olon who is a sage of the Underdark, and has explored some of the area underneath the Dalelands and Moonsea area. This part of the Underdark is called The Deep Wastes. Olon is staying at his faction camp, just outside of Elventree. He is a tall, serious man with a salt and pepper goatee, and is often seen conversing with faction leaders and occasionally drow. Olon claims that he spoke to a creature in the Underdark about a preventative that exists down there for the madness of Graz’zt. Olon and The Lords’ Alliance are pushing the other factions to sponsor a trip down into the Underdark to investigate these claims. Olon claims that the recent sinkhole, which people are starting to call The Waydown, can be used as a quick way to gain access to the Underdark.

Rumours and Information 6

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