Rumours and Information 2

News and Information known by the party after completing the Madman’s Prophecy adventures.

Graz’zt, the Dark Prince, the Demon Lord ruling no less than three layers of the Abyss, has been summoned somehow into the Underdark underneath the Hillsfar region. His corrupting presence has spread throughout the Underdark, driving some creatures insane in various ways, and some of that corruption and madness is seeping up into the lands around Hillsfar, affecting creatures and sentient beings alike.

The fey’ri, led by the daemonfey of House Dlardrageth, were going to create undead from graveyard corpses and let them run amok in the Cormanthor Forest and Hillsfar region. They are seeking to sew chaos and discord. They are also recruiting disgruntled non-humans and arming them, telling them to attack Red Plumes. They want to create as much chaos and madness as they can so that Graz’zt will be attracted to the surface. House Dlardrageth has a particular affiliation with Graz’zt as it is his blood that runs through their veins, having corrupted the former noble elf house and breeding with them to create the daemonfey.

The Red Plumes have suffered losses on their patrols. At least one patrol has just vanished, and some others have been sniped at by archers with shortbows, or suffered hit and run attacks. The Red Plumes have responded by increasing the size of their patrols, as well as coming down harder on non-humans they meet.

News from the road is that Arrizz, the drow who was recovering at Goodroot beet farm was captured by Red Plumes on his way back to the Cormanthor Forest. No one is sure where he is being held at the moment.

The First Lord has proclaimed that the Allano rothé farm and other communites were wiped out by elves from the Cormanthor Forest. They are hereby declared enemies of humankind and all humans should avoid associating with them or suffer their fate.

Rumours and Information 2

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