Rumours and Information 10

This information is known after the Blood Above, Blood Below adventures, where the Knights of Myth Drannor, the Heroes of Hillsfar, and a smaller group of unnamed, less experienced adventurers managed to disrupt the ritual designed to give the Demon Lord Graz'zt more power through souls killed in the Arena in Hillsfar and the Colosseum in Maerimydra.

  • Siege engines were seen at Maerimydra, but were too well guarded to assault by the Knights of Myth Drannor.
  • Some of the higher nobles and merchant lords or Hillsfar are alarmed at recent events in the city and its effect on trade, and may be looking to overthrow First Lord Torin Nomerthal.
  • The drow of Szith Morcane have been promising "sacrifices" to creatures that can help them, such as the cloakers that the party used to fly to Szith Morcane. What form or shape these "sacrifices" will take is unknown, but it raises some concerns.
  • Kel Morcane, drow wizard of Szith Morcane, told the Heroes of Hillsfar the following information: "I, Kel Morcane, was a wizard of House Morcane. The incubus Veloch came to me in my dreams, promising power in return for loyalty. I succumbed to its fiendish charms, and was tricked into opening the gates to Vheloch’s army.

As Szith Morcane burned, I cut my own throat, cursing Vheloch in the name of Kiaransalee with my dying breath. The goddess heard my rage and cry for retribution, and I and my guards returned as you see us now, and we seek bloody vengeance!

Kel Morcane and his guards are now undead, haunting Szith Morcane_.

  • Arias Goldthorn, the envoy to Hillsfar from the Elven Court who was thrown into the Hillsfar Arena has been rescued by adventurers, the same ones who killed Gheriot, the incubus who was a member of the Crimson Trinity.
  • The Crimson Trinity have been killed – Gheriot by adventurers in the HIllsfar Arena, Oromoth by the Knights of Myth Drannor in the colosseum in Maerimydra, and Vehloch in Szith Morcane by the Heroes of Hillsfar. The ritual designed to channel the power of dead souls to Graz’zt has been disrupted. Since the death of the Crimson Trinity those dreaming about the trio have had some relief from those dreams, and Cult of Graz’zt activity around Hillsfar seems to have lessened. They have ceased to influence people’s dreams, and Cult of Graz’zt activity has notably decreased.

Rumours and Information 10

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