Red Plumes

Red-Plume_cropped.jpgThe Red Plumes are the volunteer military force of Hillsfar. They serve as city guard, enforcers, garrison troops, and expeditionary forces for the city. There said to be 10,000 soldiers in the Red Plumes, but there are likely to be a lot less, probably around 7,700 (see below for breakdown of dispositions). They are easily recognized in the town by their black hats with purple bands and gaudy red feathers.

The Red Plumes have been empowered by First Lord Torin Nomerthal to enforce the Great Law of Humanity both within the city and in the area surrounding it. They are considered little more than officially-sanctioned bullies by the populace. However, as Hillsfar is a rather wealthy city (due to the large amount of trade it conducts), they are many in number and exceptionally well-equipped; most trouble-makers know to leave them well enough alone.

Disposition of Red Plumes

City duties – 2000 (wall guards, bodyguards, city patrols, rapid response force)
Standing army – 2000, located at The Standing Stone in Cormanthor Forest
On leave, absent, medical problems, under punishment, deserters – around 1000 at any one time
Patrols – 1500 (three patrol companies of 500 men each, one company for each road)

Red Plume numbers at outposts:

  • The Stop Outpost – 20
  • Yulash Ruins Outpost – 50 (main duty is observation of the ruins)
  • Voonlar Outpost – 100
  • Zhentil Keep Outpost – 100

Known Red Plumes:

  • Vuhm Yestral – Guard Commandant (leader)
  • Captain Erlich – commanded a company of Red Plumes that may be encountered on the roads north and west of Hillsfar. He was involved in kidnapping non-humans (and human sympathisers) to sell to the Arena in Hillsfar. He was killed by the Heroes of Hillsfar while trying to ambush them.
  • Captain Maggarl Helck – ambitious, corrupt and incompetent, but politically well connected. Captain of Hillsfar Security Force.
  • Captain Xavier – commands a company of Red Plumes that may be encountered on the road east of Hillsfar.
  • Sergeant Dassandra – tall, female Red Plume who commands a patrol that is part of Captain Xavier’s company.

Red Plumes

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