Olisara Lightsong

Olisara_Lightsong.jpgA female elf of regal bearing, often wearing simple traveller’s clothes. She has long, white hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes. Olisara travels all over the Moonsea area when there is need, however most of the time she can be found at the Cloverwall Roadhouse, a ramshackle inn about a days travel northwest of Hillsfar. Here she performs with her puppets, and collates data from Harper agents in the area.

Olisara’s demeanor is direct, her sense of humour dry, and she displays an almost disconcerting amount of knowledge regarding those with whom she holds an audience.

Members of the Harper faction will recognise her immediately as the Harper representative to the Moonsea region.

Olisara is usually in company with Gai, a broad shouldered human male from Shou, and her friend Elltrix.

Olisara Lightsong

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