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Rage of Demons began in year 1491 DR and concluded in year 1492DR

Communities in the Hillsfar region

Hillsfar – largest city on the Moonsea
Cormanthor – huge forest on the southern coast of the Moonsea
Cundall’s Keep – a small keep on the River Lis
The Docks – part of Hillsfar but separate outside the city walls
Drow Enclave – community of drow living in the Cormanthor Forest near Elventree
Elmwood – small town east of Elventree
Elven Court – the most organised community of elves within the Cormanthor Forest
Elventree – elf town home to various races living in peace
Lighthouse – community of refugees
Phlan – ancient city now ruled by an evil dragon
Farmsteads – groups of farms that are located close together
The Stop – small town halfway between Yulash and Hillsfar
Yulash – ruined town
Zhentil Keep – ruined city, home to undead and pirates

Underdark Communities, Locations, and Information

Faerzress – the magical radiation that infuses some areas of the Underdark
Gravenhollow – legendary library in the Underdark existing outside of time
Maerimydra – drow city now ruled by fire giants
Ryxyg – illithid community
Sporedome – fungal forest
Szith Morcane – drow outpost in the Underdark close to the surface.
Zortagra – ruined series of caverns, originally belonging to svirneblin (deep gnomes)

Locations, Ruins and Features of the Hillsfar region

Abarat’s Folly – ruined tower.
Bell in the Deep – sunken city where the bell still tolls in the depths.
Cundall’s Hole – hole half a day’s travel from Hillsfar, leading into the Underdark. Aka The Waydown.
Cundall’s Keep – a keep on the junction of the River Lis and River Dalton owned by the druid Cundall.
Fort Dalton – Ruins of a fort that guarded a bridge over the River Lis.
Island of Maos – fabled island that appears every four years.
Ruins of Lis – remains of the Moonsea’s southernmost city.
The Moonsea – the area
The Actual Moonsea – the water
Myth Drannor – ruined elven city in Cormanthor Forest
Yulash – ruined town.
Zhentil Keep – ruined city, harbors undead, criminals and pirates.

NPCs of the Hillsfar region.

Aretheya – female reincarnated ogre, working at Cundall’s Keep.
Arrizz – drow living in the drow enclave near Elventree, always seeking ways to supply the drow rebels of Szith Morcane
Chaab – senior Zhentarim agent in the Moonsea region
Deriel Rethslane – Elf scout of Cormanthor Forest, lover of Arrizz (see minor NPCs).
Dornal Whitebeard – Senior agent of the Lords’ Alliance in the Moonsea region
Elanil Elassidil – Moonsilver Herald in Elventree
Elisande and the Blind Goat – a scrawny girl and blind, black goat living in Elventree
Huum – mindflayer currently living in Sporedome
Jerrard Depardieu – Marie’s apprentice, now a member of the Protectors of Elventree
Joyella – female gnome and Zhentarim agent
Murssvayas Dhuurniv – drow wizard and leader of the drow enclave near Elventree
Nash Sorinius – Archmagus of the Hillsfar Mages’ Guild
Nymarrath – aged elven druid living in Elventree
Olisara Lightsong – elf bard and senior harper roaming the Hillsfar region
The Protectors of Elventree – an adventuring party sponsored by the factions and based in Elventree.
Seranolla – Priestess of Mielikki in Elventree and senior Emerald Enclave agent.
Solom Ned’razak – drow arch wizard and leader of Szith Morcane
Stumbleduck – gnome smuggler in Hillsfar
Torin Nomerthal – First Lord of HIllsfar
Vuhm Yestral – Guard Commandant (leader) of the Red Plumes
Zern Xerkstil – senior agent of Order of the Gauntlet
Minor NPCs – those the party have met on their adventures.

Groups, Organisations and Factions in the Hillsfar Region

Faction Guide
Emerald Enclave (faction)
Harpers (faction)
Heralds of Faerûn
House Dlardrageth
Lord’s Alliance (faction)
Mages’ Guild of Hillsfar
Moonsea Emergency Council
Order of the Gauntlet (faction)
Red Plumes
Shadovar (Netherese)
Zhentarim (faction)

Rumours and Information of the Hillsfar region

Rumours and Information 20 – after Assault on Maerimydra adventure
Rumours and Information 19 – after banishing the Demon Lords adventure
Rumours and Information 18 – after Szith Morcane Unbound adventure
Rumours and Information 17 – after It’s All In The Blood adventure
Rumours and Information 16 – after Death on the Wall adventure
Rumours and Information 15 – after The Wormwrithings adventure
Rumours and Information 14 – after Cundall’s Keep adventure
Rumours and Information 13 – after Writhing in the Dark adventure
Rumours and Information 12 – after Malady in Elventree adventure
Rumours and Information 11 – after Cundall’s Hole adventure
Rumours and Information 10 – after Blood Above, Blood Below series of adventures
Rumours and Information 9 – after the Szith Morcane Rescue adventure
Rumours and Information 8 – after Quest for Sporedome adventure
Rumours and Information 7 – after visiting Gravenhollow Underdark library
Rumours and Information 6 – after The Ghosts of Eventide Abbey adventure
Rumours and Information 5 – after Insidious Experiments adventure
Rumours and Information 4 – after the Doctor Jubal’s Carnival of Curiosities adventure
Rumours and Information 3 – after the Shackles of Blood adventures
Rumours and Information 2 – after the Madman’s Prophecy adventures
Initial rumours and information

Religion of the Moonsea Region

Sacred Hexad

DM Stuff

Adventure List
Future Rumours
Legacy of the Rage of Demons storyline

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