Elventree_map.jpgNearly twelve miles north of Elventree, the village of Lighthouse has recently sprung up around an ancient and abandoned lighthouse known as Elua’s Lighthouse miles from the coast due to changes in the depth of the Moonsea. The settlement is populated by those nonhumans formerly of Hillsfar and generally follows the lead of Elventree.

The village under the lighthouse initially grew as a result of the xenophobic actions of Hillsfar. The community consists mostly of elves, half-elves, halflings, and gnomes. At first the only humans living here were relatives of the half-elves, but the human population has steadily grown as humans not yet affected by the madness have fled, looking for other places to live. The residents are very leery of humans who are not also residents and are not overly friendly toward them. They have not named the community yet but some have simply been calling it Lighthouse.

Several permanent structures, obviously recently built, can be seen. Smoke rises from a couple of them, indicating that they are occupied. Small gardens can be seen as well as livestock penned near a half constructed barn.

Falwan Underbough is a male halfling of middle age, who acts as community leader for this new settlement. His family suffered greatly from their banishment from Hillsfar. There, he was the proud owner of a bakery. His “half cakes” had a popular following among the nobles. He lost that when the First Lord re-enacted the Two Great Laws. One of which forbade non-humans from being in the city other than as fodder for the arena.
Falwan is friendly to most, even humans if they prove themselves. Caution is evident when he encounters humans with weapons, however.

Lighthouse had been protected by an elf wizard-sage named Haedirn Lastlight and his wife Lyonthel who chose to live in a strange manor. The manor is built into the cliff side of Wailing Crag, a coastal ridge along the rocky shore several miles from Lighthouse. Both Haedirn and Lyonthel were alchemists, and Lyonthel was also an avid astronomer. By all accounts they were well respected and often came to town on market days to buy goods, sell potions, and have been happy to help the residents of Lighthouse with any problems they have, often giving free potions of healing to those who have been injured in accidents. Sadly Lyonthel died from a fungal disease caught darkborne rot and Haedirn had succumbed to the madness spread from the Underdark from the presence of the demon lord Graz’zt. It is widely believed Haedirn died alone in his home and workshop, built into the cliff on the beach about two miles from Lighthouse.

Recently Lighthouse was attacked twice by a band of ogres. Both times the ogres killed many people and took their bodies with them. The Heroes of Hillsfar were sent to investigate and came back to report all of the ogres were killed, but advised that Haedirn and Lyonthal were both dead also.

What most don’t know is that Haedirn’s madness had made him dangerous to everyone and that it was the elf wizard himself behind the ogre attacks. The Heroes of Hillsfar and Falwan Underbough both decided it would be better for everyone to remember Haedirn as the kind elf sage.


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