House Dlardrageth

HouseDlardragethSymbol.jpgHouse Dlardrageth are sun elves who have bred with demon princes in times past to create deamonfey. All of House Dlardrageth, the few that have survived, are daemonfey. The emblem of the House is a dracophoenix.

Timeline of House Dlardrageth

-5000 DR
Survivors of House Dlardrageth, a clan of demon-blooded sun elves, fled from their home of the elven nation of Arcorar to the elven nation of Siluvanede in the High Forest.

-4800 DR
The Dlardrageths subverted several powerful Siluvanedenn sun elf houses and, by encouraging demon-elf crossbreeding, created the fey’ri. The fey’ri houses concealed their secret heritage and came to wield great power in Siluvanede.

Seven Citadel’s War c. -4500 DR to -4300 DR
High mages from Arcorar tracked House Dlardrageth to a secret lair beneath Ascal’s Horn. With the aid of Eaerlanni forces, they slew several of the Dlardrageths. Other Siluvanedenn houses under Dlardrageth influence retaliated, beginning the Seven Citadels’ War. Sarya Dlardrageth and her sons were captured, but the fey’ri-led Siluvanedenn fought on. These Skirmishes between the elite forces of Siluvanede and the fledgling forces of Eaerlann are sometimes collectively referred to as the Sixth Crown War. At the end House Dlardrageth and the fey’ri were imprisoned underneath Ascalhorn (later known as Hellgate Keep).

1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
A battle between demons and a coalition of humans and fey freed the surviving daemonfey of House Dlardrageth from their millennia imprisonment.

1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
After gathering the final piece of the artifact, Sarya Dlardrageth used the Gatekeeper crystal to free the fey’ri imprisoned within the Nameless Dungeon.

House Dlardrageth attacked the Shades (humanoids who have merged with the essence of the Plane of Shadow, and who were a significant presence in Faerun at the time). The shades suffer severe casualties, and the shade prince Brennus Tanthul was gravely injured and forced to flee. House Dlardrageth with their fey’rei allies attack Evereska, an elf kingdom, but failed.

In the wake of the failed assault on Evereska, the half-fiend gold elves of House Dlardrageth returned to Myth Drannor, accompanied by a legion of fey’ri liberated from the Nameless Dungeon. House Dlardrageth’s legion destroyed the Morninglord’s temple in Myth Drannor, killing most of the clerics, although a few escaped through a portal.

Lady Sarya Dlardrageth, matron of House Dlardrageth, summoned Malkizid, an exiled archdevil, to Myth Drannor.

Lord Seiveril Miritar of Elion, leader of the Crusade from Evermeet that rescued Evereska, convened a Council of War in the ruins of Myth Glaurach. The commanders of the Crusade agreed to travel to Cormanthor in hopes of defeating House Dlardrageth once and for all.

House Dlardrageth established an alliance with Hillsfar and Sembia. Hillsfar began mustering an army to send south down the Moonsea Ride to Mistledale and Battledale. Sembia recruited a mercenary army to send north along Rauthauvy’s Road through Featherdale and Tasseldale.

Hillsfar reneged on its alliance with House Dlardrageth. House Dlardrageth retaliated and attacked the city of Hillsfar and Hillsfar’s army based at the Standing Stone. The First Lord’s tower was destroyed, but Maalthiir, the First Lord of Hillsfar, escaped.

House Dlardrageth broke Hillsfar’s army at the Standing Stone, forcing it to flee back to Hillsfar. Sembia’s army began to dissolve under repeated assault by legion House Dlardrageth. The Crusade arrived in Cormanthor via a portal.

House Dlardrageth destroyed the Standing Stone and made an alliance with the drow House Jaelre.
Emissaries of the Crusade reach a truce with the Sembians. House Dlardrageth launched a raid against the Crusade encampment at Semberholme, but was repulsed.

The Crusade allied with Sembia against House Dlardrageth. The Crusade battled the legions of House Dlardrageth in the Vale of Lost Voices. Malkizid was banished during the battle and House Dlardrageth retreated from the Vale of Lost Voices.

The Crusade overran Myth Drannor, and House Dlardrageth fells. A handful of fey’ri and deamonfey escaped.

House Dlardrageth Today 1490 DR.

It is believed by most that all of House Dlardrageth were destroyed by the crusade over a century ago. No information has been forthcoming about any survivors, although some fey’ri were known to survive and occasionally are discovered. It would be likely that any surviving members of House Dlardrageth are biding their time, hiding with the fey’ri, and patiently collecting wealth and power.

House Dlardrageth

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