Fey_ri.jpgFey’ri are not a true elven subrace. They are to elves as tieflings are to humans and tanarukks are to orcs.

The result of House Dlardrageth and three minor allied ancient noble houses of sun elves of the ancient elven kingdom of Siluvanede breeding with demons in an attempt to strengthen their bloodline, fey’ri are a type of planetouched that breeds true among their kind. Marked by fiendish blood, fey’ri are unqiue among most planetouched in that they have a self-sustaining community. Because of this, most fey’ri grow up among their own kind, and are not shaped by the feelings of ostracism that most other planetouched do, despite their fiendish bloodline.

Fey’ri look like elves with demonic features, or particularly fey fiends. They are capable of magically altering their features somewhat, but in their natural form they have skin with fine scales, fiery red eyes, demonic pointed tails, and a pair of bat-like wings, in addition to their sun elven beauty.

Most fey’ri live for revenge. They feel wronged by other elves, particularly Moon Elves, and feel superior to other humanoids. A fey’ri is patient, calculating, and suspicious, but her fiendish blood makes her prone to acts of cruelty and rage. Independent fey’ri – ie those not living in a community of fey’ri – are usually marked for death by their brethren as a protection against discovery, and must live their lives more cautiously than their kin, lest they be discovered and destroyed.

Fey’ri are the descendants of elves and demons (usually succubi in male or female form). Having bred with these demons and among their own kind, fey’ri are a distinct race and share the same common fiendish traits. In general form they resemble tall elves, although all have large batlike wings. They all have one or more unusual features reflecting their fiendish heritage, such as fiery red eyes, fine scales, long pointed tails, batlike ears and deep red skin.

Fey’ri are obviously different from normal elves and are swiftly hunted down when discovered by other elves. Luckily for them, their demonic bloodline gives them several abilities, including the ability to change their shape. Thus they can pass freely among other creatures without causing an alarm.

Fey’ri disdain all other humanoid races, regardless of philosophy or politics, and see humans as pretentious upstarts that acquired civilization on the ruins of the Elven Kingdoms. Fey’ri feel closest to tieflings, with which they share a similar experience, though they usually do not truly care for any species but their own, and even then this care is often obligated by necessity. Fey’ri are few in number, and don’t truly hold any lands.

Most fey’ri primarily worship Ghaunadaur, though neutral members of the species often worship Fenmarel Mestarine, an Elven God of outcasts and those who live on the fringe.

Recent History

In 1374 DR Lady Sarya Dlardrageth, the half-fiend gold elves of House Dlardrageth and their fey’ri forces arrived in Myth Drannor after a failed attack on Evereska. There, they slaughtered the clerics of Lathander and a temple that they had erected. Sarya summoned the exiled arch-devil Malkizid to aid in her pursuits, and quickly formed an alliance with Hillsfar and Sembia, whose armies started moving in on the Dales and the ruins of Cormanthyr.

Forming an alliance with the drow House Jaelre, the fey’ri began their defenses against the Elven Crusade, recently arrived from Evereska and now allied with Sembia. They battled in Tassledale and the Vale of Lost Voices, where Malkizid was banished, forcing the fey’ri to retreat to Myth Drannor. It was not long before the Elven Crusade besieged the city and defeated House Dlardrageth.

The fey’ri refugees from that battle have spread across the southern, eastern, and western Moonsea area, remaining hidden and secret for over a century (the current date is 1490 DR).

About Daemonfey

Most folk of the Realms who even know about them use the words fey’ri and daemonfey interchangeably. However technically daemonfey are the scions of House Dlardrageth whose bloodlines include those of demon princes. The Siluvanedan Houses who owed allegiance to Dlardrageth are the fey’ri, tainted and dangerous, but not the spawn of demon princes. Daemonfey seem to have possessed higher, more powerful demonic bloodlines than fey’ri.

House Dlardrageth wasa powerful sun elf House in ancient Arcorar, one of the elven realms that later united into the great kingdom of Cormanthyr, whose capital was Myth Drannor. As the legend tells, they bred with Demon Princes, seeking the strength to re-forge the long-fallen empire of Aryvandaar and reclaim the dark glory of the Vyshaanti lords.


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