Faction Guide

In the Forgotten Realms, five factions have risen to prominence. These factions seek to further their own aims while opposing destructive forces that threaten the folk of Faerûn. Each faction has its own motivations, goals, and philosophy. Some are more heroic than others, but all band together in times of trouble to thwart major threats.

Factions can be an important part of the D&D experience, but characters don’t have to become a member of a faction right away, or at all. Belonging to a faction sometimes means having responsibilities, but it also carries with it support and rewards for service.

If you ever switch factions or leave a faction, you lose all ranks and renown with the old faction, and must start at rank 1 with zero renown with your new faction.

Faction Advancement and Benefits

As a character allied with one of the factions goes on adventures, he or she earns renown for accomplishing tasks that align with the faction’s goals. This is expressed in the awarding of renown points at the end of an episode or adventure. Completion usually earns 0 renown (no interest to the faction), 1 renown (some interest to the faction), or 2 renown (great interest to the faction). Each faction can award different renown points to adventurers.

As characters earn renown, they progress in the ranks of their factions, granting them greater authority and
additional benefits.

Faction Advancement

RankRenownOther Requirements
1 0
2 3
3 10 5th level, 1 secret mission
4 25 11th level, 3 secret missions
5 50 17th level, 10 secret missions

Rank 1: Initiate

This is the rank a character receives when first joining a faction. It is available at character creation or anytime the character wishes to join.

Participate in Faction Activities. You can participate in any activities that are considered faction-specific for your faction.
Earn Renown. You can earn renown points in your faction and advance in rank.
Receive Your Faction’s Insignia. All new faction members receive an insignia of their faction, fashioned into a wearable or held item.

Faction Insignias

Order of the Gauntlet Pendant
Emerald Enclave Leaf clasp
Lords’ Alliance Signet ring (symbol palm side)
Zhentarim Gold coin (stamped symbol)

Rank 2: Agent

Rank 2 characters have shown that they’re aligned with the faction’s goals, and are able to take on more responsibility.
Secret Missions. During certain adventures, you might be given the opportunity to undergo a secret mission on behalf of your faction. Completion of these missions might earn you additional benefits.
Apprenticeship to an Adventurer Mentor. Your character can be apprenticed to another higher-ranking adventurer from your faction. The benefits of this apprenticeship will become available when rank 4 benefits are released by DnD Adventurers’ League.

Rank 3: Stalwart

Rank 3 characters are reliable faction members, entrusted with many secrets and deserving of additional support during adventures.
Faction Downtime Activity. You gain access to a faction-specific downtime activity that gives you additional benefits when you use it. The specific downtime activities for this season are listed in each faction’s wiki entry.

Rank 4: Mentor

Rank 4 characters are trusted voices within the faction’s leadership. They are looked upon as champions of the faction’s beliefs, and as mentors by those of lower rank.

Become a Mentor. You can designate other rank 2 or 3 characters as your charge. You can have multiple charges if you wish. The benefits of this will be released when high-level play becomes available.

Rank 5: Leader

Rank 5 characters are ensconced within the leadership of the faction and have a great degree of influence, guiding faction decisions.

Become a Faction Leader. You gain the ability to make decisions on behalf of your faction and influence current and future faction direction. The benefits of this will be released when high-level play becomes available.

Faction Guide

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