Elmwood_and_surrounds.jpgThe farming community of Elmwood is two hours’ travel west from Mulmaster. The majority of the holdings in Elmwood were owned by House Culkin, a Mulmasterite noble house. Elmwood was founded in the Year of the Screeching Vole (163 DR) as a stopover for ships to and from the River Lis.

In 1490 DR, prior to the events that led to the partial destruction of Mulmaster, the Cult of the Eternal Flame made plans for a devastation orb — a powerful and destructive magical item — to be delivered to a secret cult chapterhouse in the Zhent ghetto of Mulmaster. While en route to the city, the devastation orb prematurely detonated within the village of Elmwood, laying the village low. Ironically, the cultist who was overseeing the orb’s transportation was the sole survivor of its destruction. In one fell swoop, the entire village of Elmwood was wiped from the map.

Outlying farms and businesses were the only survivors of the devastation. Most of those folded without a market to sell their goods to, but some pooled their resources and bought a boat to ferry their goods to Lighthouse.

The recently reinhabited Cundall’s Keep has also approached the farmers of Elmwood for grain and other supplies.

DM’s Note: The map above isn’t canon. Fort Dalton is where Cundall’s Keep should be, but for story reasons I’ve rearranged it this way.


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