Elisande and the Blind Goat

elisande.jpgElisande (ELL-ih-sand). Human female. A young, malnourished and thoroughly disquieting girl, seldom seen without her blind goat. She originally came from an unnamed island in a region of the Moonsea called Stormy Bay, a place known for its foul weather. The small forested isle had been home to generations of fisher folk, a strange folk that seldom mixed with the outside world and had grown more and more degenerate over time. The island was too small to be of interest to the neighboring city states, and at the centre of too much brutal weather to be of use to other ships. It was the perfect place for some people to hide from any authorities who might want to seek them out.

In Elventree Elisande appears undernourished and wears a tattered dress. She is always accompanied by a small black goat with milky white eyes. She claims the goat talks to her. The girl is fed by those who pity her and some think she is mad while others think she may have the gift of prophecy.

The Blind Goat
This black-furred goat was originally found on the same Moonsea island as Elisande. It appears to be totally blind, but for some inexplicable reason seems able to see certain characters which it tends to follow, completely unconcerned about things that would bother a normal animal. It seems especially attracted to those who are “pure of heart.” While it is completely harmless, most find the goat a bit creepy.

Cundall believes the goat to be an aspect or incarnation of the goddess of good animals Mielikki, who is trying guide or assist Elisande for reasons unknown.

Elisande and the Blind Goat

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