Protectors of Elventree

Rasputin2.jpgThe Protectors of Elventree are an adventuring party sponsored by all factions. They are based in the town of Elventree and initially performed small tasks for the factions. Recently they have been involved in more dangerous work and have proven themselves up to the task up until they ventured into the Underdark, escorting Olon the wizard and Underdark sage. There they were attacked by kuo-toa being controlled by a pair of incubi and succubi. Olon and Tobias were killed, and the others captured, but were rescued the the Heroes of Hillsfar. They are now led by Rasputin, and they stay closer to Elventree and are less daring.

The Protectors of Elventree are:

Tobias Proudfoot – deceased – baby faced halfling druid of Chauntea (rescued from the Arena by the Heroes of Hillsfar). Member of the Emerald Enclave faction. Killed in the Underdark when their boat was attacked by kuo-toa.
Rasputin – half orc monk and bounty hunter (briefly adventured with the Heroes of Hillsfar). Member of the Lord’s Alliance and current leader of the Protectors.

Sneak – tiefling rogue (rescued from the Arena by the Heroes of Hillsfar). Member of the Zhentarim.

Basil Grem – gnome bard who is locally famous for his flute playing but he also plays the lute. Member of the Harpers.
Dorian Seneforth – human fighter and brother of Marie Seneforth. Member of the Order of the Gauntlet.

Jerard Depardieu – human wizard and apprentice to Maire Seneforth – Beholderslayer.

So far the Protectors have disrupted a Red Plume slaving operation, and stopped goblin raids coming from the Underdark, rescuing those captured. Dorian often visits Hillsfar on his own, gathering information.

Protectors of Elventree

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