Gravenhollow is a mystic library in the Underdark. Nobody knew who built Gravenhollow, but it is known to have existed since the dawn of giant-kin. The three librarians there are all stone giants – one for past events, one for present events, and one for future events. Gravenhollow holds records only for those events which happen in the Underdark.

The library is a peculiar building for many reasons: it was outside the normal time of Toril, everybody inside it understood all languages, it is bigger on the inside, it prevents works of magic except divination, and nobody can find it without its keepers’ will.


A very peculiar trait of Gravenhollow is that it “remembers” all who have walked its halls, as well as those who will visit the library in the future. People exploring the library find apparitions constantly flicking in and out of existence around them. These are the echoes of those who had come or would come to Gravenhollow in search of knowledge. In some cases those apparitions can be interacted with.

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