Heroes of Hillsfar

Writhing in the Dark - Part 4

The githyanki and the dwarf

As the door opened a chorus of guttural voices can be plainly heard, shouting what sound like angry insults at a voice retorting in Undercommon. A male drow elf appeared to be tied to a post, and four strange-looking green-skinned humanoids were screaming at him. One of the four carried a massive silvery blade, and all of them were wearing ornately carved, exotic armour.
The party piled in and immediately engaged the humanoid warriors who shouted in a strange language and defended themselves. Cundall’s air elemental immediately enveloped one of them and proceeded to snap his bones, and while the others fought hard, using their pain inducing weapons, they were no match for the party.
Githyanki2.jpg“What are these… things?” asked Minimus, kicking a corpse. “They look like starved orcs.”
“Githyanki,” said Marie. “From the Astral Plane. Very odd that they are here.”
“Who are you?” asked Zelda in her rough Undercommon as she freed the drow captive.
“Himo Do’Urden,” replied the drow, looking wary while rubbing his wrists. He picked up a githyanki greatsword, then threw it down with a snarl. “Cumbersome weapon,” he growled. He found a dagger on one of the bodies and tucked it into his belt.
“Related to Drizzt Do’Urden?” asked Cundall.
“We don’t talk about him,” replied Himo, making a sour face.
“Listen Homo..” began Cundall.
“Himo,” corrected Himo.
“Whatever. Can you tell us anything about this place?”
“No, they dragged me past a drow and three rivvel in another room, but other than that I know nothing.”
“Can you find your way back to your home?” asked Marie.
“I believe so,” the drow answered. He left without a backward glance.
“Rude bugger,” said Minimus. “Didn’t even say thanks.”
“There’s another one of those basins over here,” said Marie, pointing to one similar to the one in the other room. “This one looks like it needs a much smaller brain put in the indentation.”
“Some kind of puzzle, we have to put the right brain in the right basin?” suggested Minimus.

Beyond the next door the chamber was incredibly humid and the air was very stale. A faint acrid odor hung in the air, similar to freshly harvested alfalfa. The entire chamber was covered with fungus and moss, with several disturbing looking fungus covered lumps on the floor. Several large orbs hover in the air, bobbing gently. More alarmingly, they had a number of stalks growing from their central mass.
“Hold your fire,” said Cundall, peering at the creatures. “They are not beholders, they are those gas spores like we encountered in Sporedome the first time.”
“The ones that exploded when hit, spreading their spores onto whoever hit them?” asked Minimus.
“Good point,” nodded Cundall. “Fire!!”
Intellect_devourer.jpgZelda’s arrows popped the spore filled gas bags before they got close.
They explored the room, and found the lumps on the floor to be bodies – even worse was that a weird creature that looked like a brain on legs suddenly appeared out of one and stunned Minimus with a psychic attack. The creature was killed before it could do much more, and Cundall had to cast greater restoration to restore Minimus’ mind.
“There’s a live one here!” Zelda pulled out a female dwarf in chainmail from under some moss and fungus. Her eyes flickered open as the others came to look at her.
“Where am I?” she asked in Dwarvish, then again in Common.
She identified herself as Theara Gravelthumb, and the last thing she said she remembered was being ambushed by weird, slim humanoids and a mind flayer while she was on her way to Sporedome.
After ascertaining that she would be able to find her way to Sporedome, the party let her go.
They looked around more, and found body parts, including brains of different creatures, including one that must have belonged to a giant.
“That was odd,” said Minimus, after a few minutes.
“What, that giants have brains?” asked Cundall.
“No Theara the dwarf,” replied Minimus. “She didn’t have a weapon.”
“And she didn’t look for or ask for a weapon,” agreed Cundall, catching on.
“What?” asked Zelda.
“If I had no weapon, and had to traverse the Underdark to find my way to Sporedome,” said Cundall, “I’d at least look around for one, and if I couldn’t find one, I’d ask for one.”
“Spellcaster?” asked Marie.
“Or not what she said she was,” said Zelda. “Let’s be careful when we head back.”

To be continued…


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