Death is a bowshot away..


A tall, lithe young female elf. She walks like a panther, with her bow at the ready.


Zelda is an elven ranger based in the Cormanthor forest as part of the greater Hillsfar region. She is a keen protector of the forest as it has been the most valued aspect of her life since a young age. As many would know, Hillsfar is not a kind place to the non-humans. Zelda’s elven parents left for a trip to the city as disguised merchant representatives of the elves when she was only two years old. They never returned and she was raised by kin. Despite the loss of her parents to a primarily human settlement, Zelda has the personality trait of holding no racial prejudices.

Zelda is an extremely nimble elf, and is particularly proficient in the use of her bow; an inheritance from her parents. She has a love of animals due to her earthly upbringings and wishes to one day have an animal companion by her side in both battle and in life. Zelda values all her possessions and is not quick to trust others with them. She has become accustom to looking after herself on journeys, but is happy to make friends with travellers of good intentions.

In recent years, Zelda has become a valued member as apart of the Emerald Enclave faction. She seeks to uphold the balances within nature and is keen to assist those with similar motives.

Faction Rank/Renown: Emerald Enclave, Rank 2 (Summerstrider) and has 5 points of Renown.

What you know:
The ancient elven city of Myth Drannor in Cormanthor Forest is in ruins. It was slowly being rebuilt but four years ago in 1487 DR a short war with the Shadovar floating city which crashed on top of it last year has decimated both cities. The northern edge of the Cormanthor Forest holds many camps for refugees, mostly elves and half elves, but also other non-humans expelled from Hillsfar. The site of Myth Drannor is strewn with rubble and giant rocks and cut stone and difficult to travel through, but you think there will possibly be some valuable trinkets lying around under the destruction, maybe even some magical items. Many of those rocks weigh many tons though. Maybe one day when you have some golems at your command to shift tons of rock you’ll go look.

The fey’ri are the descendents of an elf noble house that bred with demons to gain power. They caused at least two wars between elves and are an abomination that must be stamped out. All elves are honour bound to follow up any rumour of fey’ri and slay them if they can, or report their location to elven elders. The trouble is the only fey’ri to survive are those who are able to alter themselves to appear more elf like, so they can be difficult to find. The most famous of the fey’ri houses is House Dlardrageth who mixed their blood with the demon prince Graz’zt to create fey’ri who were even more powerful – often known as deamonfey to differentiate them from fey’ri. They should all be destroyed.

Something has changed of late within the Cormanthor forest, and not for the better. The animal denizens of the wood are fearful, keeping to the edge of the trees—or fleeing all together. Many of the dryads and other tree spirits are uneasy and sense a ‘wrongness’ that they cannot identify.

Who you know:

  • Deriel – young, female elf scout, known to be the lover of a drow named Arrizz, who is a refugee from the Underdark. Deriel patrols the border of the Cormanthor Forest to the northwest.
    Brightleaf – One of the treantguardians of the Cormanthor wood who watches over the small residents of Cormanthor. He is a friend to the Emerald Enclave, and provides occasional wisdom regarding the state of the wood.
  • Nymarrath – aged elven druid who worships Selune, custodian of the Silver Cave in Elventree and member of the Emerald Enclave. She has a young half elf apprentice named Beralt.
  • Seranolla the Whisperer – gnome priestess of Mielikki, custodian of the Halls of the Unicorn (Temple to Mielikki) in Elventree. She is the senior ranking member of the Emerald Enclave on the southern and western region of the Moonsea area.


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