Welcome to Heroes of Hillsfar

This is the blog for our weekly game of D&D 5E.

The year is 1491 DR. In the Moonsea area of the Forgotten Realms, things are getting ugly. Hillsfar continues it’s xenophobic policies against non-humans, and are now starting to extend their racism beyond the gates of the city state. Meanwhile in the forests and wildlands something has changed. Those who are sensitive to the land and to life can feel the wrongness seeping into the land but can’t quite put their finger on what it is or where it is coming from. Meanwhile our trusty heroes are doing the best they can to right wrongs and deal with bad situations.

Player Characters:

Cundall – male human druid of Cormanthor Forest.
Zelda – female wood elf ranger from Cormanthor Forest.
Marie Seneforth – female human wizard (divination) of Hillsfar.
Minimus – male halfling fighter, survivor of Hillsfar arena.

House Rules

  • If you are firing a ranged weapon into a melee combat and roll a 1, you automatically hit an ally.
  • If you are fighting in melee and you roll a 1, something bad happens (not catastrophically bad, but causes complications to the fight). For example when Cundall was fighting with a flame blade in a forest, he rolled a 1 and his wild swing went into a dry bush and started a forest fire, which made life interesting for everyone.
  • No retrospective changing the outcome of actions in combat. If you forgot some ability or feat or rule that would have meant you didn’t die or suffer in some way, and it has already moved on to the monsters or next player’s turn, too bad. Your character forgot, or the ability didn’t work or whatever.
  • You can use your Inspiration point on any roll made in the game to give advantage or impose disadvantage

Suggested House Rules

  • Paladins have to call their Smite BEFORE rolling to attack, though if it’s a miss, they don’t lose their Smite. This is to stop declaring smite AFTER a critical is rolled.
  • The Crit damage is max, though you still roll for base damage. (Because no one like to roll min damage…twice.) The only thing that puts me off endorsing this one is the already insane amount of damage Zelda does.

Heroes of Hillsfar

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