Zortagra was originally a series of worked tunnels in the Underdark about 10 hours travel from the Waydown River. It was first a svirfneblin community, and was then overtaken by duergar during the Rage of Demons time. The duergar went insane after stealing some madness inducing items created by Graz’zt himself and the community was unable to care for itself. The final blow came from the Heroes of Hillsfar who came looking for the source of the madness inducing items and killed the duergar leader who called herself Deep Duerra and believed she was an aspect of that duergar goddess.

Here is a description of Zortagra, as taken from an adventurer’s journal.

" The tunnel to Zortagra ended at a 40-foot-tall statue of a bulette bursting out of the stone it was carved from. Its eyes and jaws are closed. In its right claw hangs a huge bronze gong. The mouth of the stone bulette was the entrance way, and the eyes were windows for the guards.

We emerge on a narrow street lit by torchlight. The smell of burning coal is mixed with something sickeningly sweet. Buildings on our left and right are carved into the green-brown stone and have rock-cut monumental fa├žades that feature up to four levels of unadorned balconies. Being carved out of the rock wall, there were no spaces between the buildings.

The street opens up to an immense, circular cavern. Two, wide columns of intricately carved stone frame the 30-foot-wide entry way. The columns have been extensively defaced. Within, an impressive pyramid of smooth-hewn stone, the peak of which touches the exact center of the cavern’s ceiling. Water cascades down the walls of the pyramid, collecting in a shallow “gutter” that rings the pyramid just above the structure’s entryway. The gutter channels the water towards the entryway, where it falls in a sheet in front of it."


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