Zern Xerkstil

Zert.jpgMembers of the Order of the Gauntlet are able to contact the brash Zern Xerkstil, the Hammer of Impiltur (male half-orc) who resides at the faction’s camp at Elventree. Zern is a half-orc male and is usually dressed in the vestments of a paladin of Helm. Usually before giving a mission he will ask the characters for stories demonstrating their heroism and skill.

Zern used to be based in Phlan but fled after the city was been taken over by the ancient green dragon Vorgansharax. Like many Phlan refugees he has settled on the south coast of the Moonsea.

Zern has a silver handaxe that he sometimes loans to adventurers doing Order business.

Zern is also a member of the Moonsea Emergency Council, a group of decision makers dedicated to removing the influence of Grazā€™zt in the Moonsea and Dalelands region, as well as finding ways to return him to the Abyss.

Zern Xerkstil

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