Torin Nomerthal

The First Lord of Hillsfar – Torin Nomerthal

Historically, the position of First Lord was once of supreme rule, but was recently supplanted by a senate comprised of merchants and guildmasters. Recently, however, First Lord Torin Nomerthal cemented his rule over the city. The senate only ruled the administration of Hillsfar.

A clever, cunning man, Torin hid his calculating nature behind a genial, almost fatherly guise. He was wildly popular among the human residents of Hillsfar and was often seen taking casual strolls through the markets and was famous for handing out fruit and other delights to children that he encountered. This was merely a fa├žade; he was in actuality a pragmatic, manipulative man with a shrewd business sense. He was the perfect man for his job.

Torin re-enacted the Great Law of Humanity, not only barring non-humans from entering the village, but turning a blind eye to abuses perpetrated by the Red Plumes against non-humans. The Great Law of Humanity (you can read more about this by reading the entry about Hillsfar) actually impacted negatively on the Great Law of Trade, but Torin Nomerthal would not repeal it. He did little to help his citizens when they were affected by demonic madness, and his brutal treatment of non-humans caused so much resentment in both humans and non-humans a rebellion was formed – although the rebels were often as affected by madness as those they fought against, and so made little headway.

The First Lord was known to have disguised demons from Graz’zt in his court, including Gheriot the incubus who became the Master of the Games until one of his bloodbath arena events turned bad and he tumbled into the arena after the balcony was rammed and collapsed. He shapechanged back into his normal form in front of thousands and then was killed by a party of adventurers (see Blood Above, Blood Below – Part 3). Also Davon Malaeda, the First Lord’s closest advisor and confidant, also turned out to be a shapechanged incubus, but only the Heroes of Hillsfar were witness to this.

Torin Nomerthal was killed when he went to the ruins of Yulash to meet with a Damaran trade delegation to agree to sell them faerzress infused crystals, which he was procuring from the Underdark. The rebellion sent the Heroes of Hillsfar to infiltrate the camp and assassinate the First Lord and all his court.

Currently Vuhm Yestral, the Guard Commandant of the Red Plumes (who had fallen out of favour with Torin), is the Regent, and he and the Senate now rule Hillsfar together. Their first act was to repeal the Great Law of Humanity, although non-humans are not allowed to stay overnight inside Hillsfar. Vuhm Yestral states that this is to get Hillfarians used to the changes.

Elections will be held to find a new First Lord within the year. Vuhm Yestral is tipped to be the next First Lord.

Torin Nomerthal

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