Ryxyg is an illithid community located several miles underneath Sporedome. It is organised like similar illithid communities with the Elder Brain as the central authority figure, however it differs in that they are less inclined to actively hunt for slaves and food. They are, however, perfectly happy to make slaves of anyone who attacks their community.

The illithids of Ryxyg agreed to assist the alliance of those opposing the Fire Giants of Maerimydra and all followers of Graz’zt.

Known members of Ryxyg:

  • Huum – Ryxyg’s ambassador to the other races, located in Sporedome.
  • Glor – an illithid with allegedly enhanced abilities in divination.
  • Galuum – an illithid who often roams the Underdark, scouting and bringing back information. The party met Galuum when he was hunting for Rogue Thought.
  • Rogue Thought – an illithid who accepted the gift of warlock power from Graz’zt and became allied with him. He was hunted down and assassinated by the Heroes of Hillsfar.


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