Rumours and Information 9

  • Olon the wizard, Underdark sage, and Lords’ Alliance member, is exploring the Underdark with the Protectors of Elventree. They are looking for races or communities unaffected by the madness, who would be willing to assist with the liberation of Szith Morcane and possibly the attack on Maerimydra.
  • Three incubi comprise the Crimson Trinity: Vheloch, Gheriot and Oromoth. In the Abyss, they entertained Graz’zt with sumptuous feasts and gladiatorial games in the city of Zelatar. Solom doesn’t know how they escaped to the Underdark of Toril. Did they come with Graz’zt? Was he able to summon them afterwards?
  • The Crimson Trinity assisted the fire giants of Maerimydra in conquering Szith Morcane and enslaving its inhabitants. Vheloch, the leader of the Crimson Trinity, seduced one of the drow nobles – one Kel Morcane – who paved the way for Vheloch’s army of demons and fire giants. Kel Morcane has not been seen since.
  • The Crimson Trinity plans to massacre hundreds of slaves in the gladiatorial games being held in the Hillsfar Arena and the Maerimydra Colosseum. As they perish, Vheloch performs a secret ritual in Szith Morcane to feed their souls to Graz’zt.
  • The fiends have split between the three locations. Gheriot and Oromoth oversee the two arenas, while Vheloch performs the ritual from Szith Morcane.
  • Fire giants rule the Underdark city of Maerimydra. Oromoth has seduced Queen Hledh and turned her giants over to the brazen worship of Graz’zt.
  • The elves of Cormanthor recently petitioned First Lord Torin to repeal the law that outlaws non-humans from his city. His response was to hurl their envoy into the arena. Arias Goldthorn is the Emerald Enclave’s chief contact in the Elven Court, and they want him back alive.
  • Vuhm Yestral, Guard Commandant of the Red Plumes, has fallen out of favour with the First Lord Torin Nomerthal. He is being pushed further and further away from the court, especially since he went to the First Lord to state that Gheriot was in fact a demon who was using charm magic on the First Lord. He was laughed at by all at court, and has been sent to Yulash to oversee the Red Plume contingent there. This basically amounts to being put into exile. Red Plume Captain Maggarl Helck has been put in charge of The Waydown. He is apparently a thoroughly nasty man who has said “I don’t know who this Cundall person is, but when I find out I will have him arrested and thrown into an oubliette for making this hole allowing drow and demons to attack honest Hillfarians!”
  • Captain Helck, guarding the wall surrounding Cundall’s Hole, has said he is petitioning the First Lord to increase the defences around the hole by building a small wooden keep on top of it. In reality it just protects his interests by giving him sole access to an easy route into the Underdark.
  • The dagger found in the abandoned Fane of Lolth in Szith Morcane has the property of being able to connect with Lolth. It happens automatically, unless resisted (with a DC 14 wisdom save). However the dagger also acts as a dagger of banishment as noted below:

Lolth’s Dagger of Banishing
Weapon (dagger), very rare (requires attunement)
Spider_push_dagger.jpgThe jade hilt of this cold iron push dagger features a spider whose legs act as a guard. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with the dagger. While holding the dagger you know the precise location of any portals on the same plane as you within 100 feet even if the portal is hidden or inactive. When you hit a creature on a plane other than the target’s home plane with the dagger you can force the target to make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. If the creature fails the saving throw it is banished to its home plane and cannot return to the plane you are currently on for 1d4 days. You cannot use this ability again for the same number of days. When you use the dagger’s banishment ability and the target fails the saving throw you may choose to destroy the dagger. The ensuing burst of magic power means the target cannot return to the plane you are currently on for 10d10 years. When the dagger is attuned, it will attract Lolth’s attention to the person attuning to it and she will be able to scry the wielder at will when it is held unless magic that protects against divination is used. How much influence or control Lolth would have over the wielder is unknown (but a DC14 Wisdom save was required to resist). This save is required every time the dagger is grasped by the person attuned to it.*
As this is a push dagger (you punch with it rather than stab like a regular dagger) it cannot be used as a ranged weapon.

*Cundall felt that influence and was able to resist it.

When Marie gets around to researching it – as she no doubt will – she will find that the dagger was intended for Lolth’s champions to use in the Abyss to send home paladins or other adventurers who were being troublesome, but also to be able to send back any devil or demon lord at the head of any incursion force into Lolth’s plane on the Abyss – albeit at the expense of the destruction of the dagger. How the dagger ended up in the Prime Material Plane is unknown, but Alisannara Morcane used it as a sacrificial dagger in the Fane of Lolth in Szith Morcane because of its connection to Lolth. The evidence shows that the ghost of Alisannara Morcane should have still resided in the Fane of Lolth. Was she one of the wraiths? If not, why did she not appear to protect the dagger?

Rumours and Information 9

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