Rumours and Information 4

The drow enclave from the Cormanthor Forest are reporting increasing numbers of refugees from Szith Morcane, which is coming under increasing numbers of attacks from the fire giants out of Maerimydra. The fire giants are testing the defences, and capturing drow to fight in their arena and to make slaves. The drow are worried it is only a matter of time until Szith Morcane falls. Then it might be the surface world’s turn to feel the wrath of the fire giants. The fire giants are led by a fiendish fire giant queen named Hledh, whose demonic lineage is apparent in the six fingers she has on each hand.

There are increased bandit attacks on Red Plumes, who are blaming the elves of the Cormanthor Forest and their non-human allies. The elves are saying that they have nothing to do with it, and it is the non-human farmers, tired of being harassed and preyed upon by the Red Plumes are finally striking back.

The leaders of the Red Plumes would have increased patrol numbers yet again, but many are succumbing to a type of madness that makes them ineffective soldiers. They become vain, or desert from the Red Plumes to stay drunk or drugged all the time, or spend all their time and money in brothels. Some have become perverse and abhorrent. There is real concern amongst the Red Plumes and they are getting no help from the First Lord who apparently doesn’t know what to do.

Marie hears from the Mages’ Guild that there has been talk of the Red Plume patrols on the road north and west of Hillsfar trafficking contraband, maybe even slaves. The Red Plume Guard Commandant Vuhm Yestral has heard of it and has issued instructions this is to cease. However some of his officers have succumbed to the madness that encourages the type of thinking that leads them to disobey and so it continues. The Guard Commandant is also out of favour with the First Lord, who now listens to Gheriot – the Arena’s Master of Ceremonies. Those who oppose the First Lord are concerned about Gheriot and the influence he seems to have over the First Lord.

Gheriot has been devising new bloody spectacles for the Arena. He has ordered the prisons emptied, and folk are concerned that when this source runs out sooner or later he will use his influence to authorise abductions of non-humans – and maybe even humans – around Hillsfar.

The refugee village of Lighthouse has been raided by ogres! They dragged off the bodies of village folk and grabbed anything shiny that caught their attention.

Rumours and Information 4

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