Nash Sorinius

Nash_Sorinius2.jpgNash Sorinius is a talented and skilled archmage who has some good spells that come in handy. Teacher and sponsor to many apprentice wizards over the years.

Born and raised in the floating, rich city of Vane, he had a natural gift for magic and became quite cocky. He took The Test (see Mages’ Guild of Hillsfar ) as soon as possible, before he was truly prepared, and paid the price. Streaks of a strange ethereal silver discoloration on his face and hair, and all of his pupils, mark his flawed performance, and he must keep constant illusions woven to appear normal. The other effect is that it seems to have given him an unnaturally long life, although most non-wizards assume its because of magic. Over time Nash Sorinius has become master of the Mages’ Guild of Hillsfar, replacing Glinda Scatterstar, who retired many decades ago.

Now, he is always trying to gain more mystic knowledge and items.

While overtly supporting the First Lord and Red Plumes, Nash Sorinius does not agree with the Great Law of Humanity, and will help anyone adversely affected by it that he can. He recruits those members of the Mages’ Guild who agree with his thinking into his inner circle, and trains them to be ready to take advantage of anything that will allow him to dispose of the First Lord or otherwise repeal the Great Law of Humanity, without any repercussions to the Mages’ Guild.

Much like his predecessor, Nash Sorinius, master of the Mages’ Guild of Hillsfar, sees First Lord Torin Nomerthal as a ruining influence on the city. Rather than just making certain that The First Lord doesn’t crush them, the Guild’s mission has now expanded to include actually overthrowing the cruel lord. Nash and his colleagues not only train new wizards in the arts of magic but also mould their minds to be rebellious to the First Lord.

If there is a good faction in Hillsfar, it’s the Mages’ Guild. Although preservation of wizards and the freedom to practice magic is always high on the Guild’s agenda (and was in fact the original reason the organization was founded), the liberation of Hillsfar from the Torin Nomerthal’s rule is increasingly viewed by all members as a necessity.

Nash Sorinius

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