Minor NPCs

Agaricus – Myconid sovereign living with his circle in Sporedome. While friendly with the party, he and his elders of the circle were disappointed that the party killed the Zuggtomy-corrupted Sacred Seer instead of returning her to Agaricus for punishment, as they had agreed to do. The party are no longer welcome by Agaricus’s circle, although they are not hostile to the party.

Basil Grem. A flute player of impressive skill, this male gnome plays his instrument with his hat on the ground before him. He accepts donations with an impressive grin. He operates mainly around the Elventree and Lighthouse area, but sometimes goes into the Cormanthor Forest to play for the elves in their villages. Recently he has been recruited into the adventuring party called the Protectors of Elventree.

Bea Fairborough – co-owner of Fairborough Farm. Farm is also an orphanage for non-human orphans ejected from Hillsfar. Bea has had a surprise pregnancy and gave birth to six children, each with six fingers and toes. Married to Ebenz Fairborough.

Beralt – half elf druid, apprentice to Nymarrath. Has been tasked with keeping an eye out for demonic signs present in the natural world. Tried to rescue Pynroth the tiefling boy from Fairborough Farm from a pack of wild dogs, but ended up needing rescuing himself. Member of the Emerald Enclave.

Chute – myconid sovereign living with his circle in Sporedome who has good relations with the party after they saved some myconids from derro raiders. Chute showed the party where the mind flayer Huum lived so they could petition him to use his portal to reach Szith Morcane more quickly.

Constance Goodroot – adolescent left with Goodroot Farm after her parents died. Desperately trying to avoid having the beet farm taken over by the First Lord of Hillsfar. Has an agreement with Azziz to provide beets as food to the drow freedom fighters.

Dark Linsa – a grey-skinned half-elf who used to be a member of the Welcomers (a thieves’ guild in Phlan), and is one of the refugees who fled after Phlan was taken over by an evil dragon. She is seen around the Elventree area.

Sergeant Dassandra – a Red Plume in charge of a patrol on the north western side of Hillsfar. Was encountered threatening Constance Goodroot with having her farm confiscated.

Ebenz Fairborough – farmer and hunter, married to Bea Fairborough and co-owner of Fairborough Farm, which also houses non-human orphans ejected from Hillsfar. Currently has about a dozen children, as well as some adult helpers. Contracted a kind of madness of lethargy after being accidentally trapped in the Underdark for 12 hours. Was cured when the party took him to Nymarrath who cast a greater restoration spell on him.

Falwan Underbough is a male halfling of middle age, who acts as community leader for the new settlement of Lighthouse. His family suffered greatly from their banishment from Hillsfar. There, he was the proud owner of a bakery and his “half cakes” had a popular following among the nobles. He lost that when the First Lord re-enacted the Great Law of Humanity which forbade non-humans from being in the city other than as fodder for the arena. Falwan is friendly to most, even humans if they prove themselves. Caution is evident when he encounters humans with weapons, however.

Fayd Uldrane (FADE OOL-drain). Male human gladiator in the Hillsfar Arena and Zhentarim spy. Fayd helped the party escape with non-human captives who were slated to fight in the Arena the following day. Fayd stated that he is a free man, but fights in the Arena to pay off a debt.

Felratha (FELL-rah-thuh). Female human leader of Felratha’s Merry Minstrels. She is also a Joydancer of Lliira, goddess of joy, happiness, dancing and festivals. She is well connected with all five factions and sympathetic to the plight of non-humans in Hillsfar. She assisted the Heroes of Hillsfar infiltrate into the Red Plume keep over Cundall’s Hole.

Gritt – Duergar bounty hunter, not adverse to tracking his prey to the surface. Was captured and released by the party, who killed his partner Jeel. He was also encountered as a slaver by the Protectors of Elventree, but bargained his freedom in exchange for information about what was happening in the Underdark.

Hamad – Harper agent sent by Elanil Elassidil into the Underdark to scout and ascertain threat presented by demonic influence. Returned mad and deathly ill, was encountered by the party who took his scroll of prophecy.

Jimjar – deep gnome who likes to gamble, lives in Blingdenstone, a deep gnome settlement in the Underdark near the Sword Coast. Met the party when his group accidentally summoned Zelda instead of Xelda with a miscast gate scroll.

Lualyrr – female drow warrior, escaped from Szith Morcane after the fire giant attack, but suffered from madness. Attacked Elanil in a random attack who was rescued by the party. Lualyrr was likewise rescued when Cundall cast lesser restoration on her, and she stopped fighting. She now resides in the drow enclave outside of Elventree.

Orphans of Fairborough Farm – Fairborough Farm is the home of several orphans who were displaced from Madam Delilah’s Home for Orphaned Children in Hillsfar when the Great Law of Humanity was enforced. Those the party have met are: Grona (female teen half orc), Bridd (young dwarf girl), Verner (sickly, short halfing boy), Pynroth (tiefling boy).

Paelior Copperleaf (PAY-lee-ore). Male wood elf. The bronze-skinned, copper haired bartender in the southeast bar in the concert venue of the Hall of the Unicorn who loves compliments. Bartender at the Swaying Bough in Elventree.

Sneak – Tiefling rogue, rescued by the Heroes from the Hillsfar Arena and brought to Elventree. Here she was recruited into The Protectors of Elventree, an adventuring party.

Tobias Proudfoot – young looking male halfling druid of Chauntea. Tobias is from the Dalelands where he liaises with farmers to help them improve their yields but with minimum impact on the environment. Tobias was captured by Red Plumes who were illegally detaining non-humans and made to fight in the Hillsfar Arena. He was rescued by the Heroes of Hillsfar and brought to Elventree. Here he was recruited into The Protectors of Elventree, a party of adventurers. He was killed in the Underdark when demon influenced kuo-toa attacked their boat.

Valantha Moonbreeze (vah-LAHN-thuh). Female elf. The pale, silver-white haired food and drink seller loves a good joke or quip more than most things. She makes elven wine in her home in Elventree.

Minor NPCs

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