Jerrard Depardieu


Jerrard is an 18 year old native of Hillsfar, the middle son of a minor merchant family. Due to his neglected upbringing, Jerrard has developed an unfortunate propensity for self-depreciation, which usually drives people away from him, further enhancing his self-pity.

Jerrard recently encountered Maire Seneforth, mage of the now famous Heroes of Hillsfar. Out of pity more than anything, Maire accepted him as an apprentice and set him a series of academic and mystic exercises to test and develop his arcane talents. Jerrard did surprisingly well, showing an aptitude with transmutation magic. Maire furnished him with a spellbook containing a number of low level spells and then introduced Jerrard to the Protectors of Elventree, placing him under the able care of her warrior brother Dorian.

If he performs well, Maire plans to take Jerrard to the Mages Guild, where she hopes to encourage him to become a transmutation specialist.

Jerrard Depardieu

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