Initial rumours and information

Last year Mulmaster has had trouble with cultists of some elemental god. Parts of Mulmaster have been destroyed, and the village of Elmwood was flattened by cultist elemental weapons called devastation orbs. Rumour has it that Mulmaster was subject to tsunamis, earthquakes, strong winds and fiery explosions.

As the dust settled, the grievous cost was made known: the harbor, the heart of Mulmaster and a significant trade artery in the north, was gone. The Lords’ Alliance has some intelligence pointing at an event in the sewers beneath the city, that an orb had detonated and triggered a powerful earthquake, dragging a number of buildings in the earth and draining a large portion of the water. To further compound the trouble multiple elemental devices later detonated, causing huge permanent waterspouts to whip about the inlet and roiling clouds of flesh-melting steam to rise from the surface of the chilly water. No ship is able to enter the remains of the harbor, and even if they could they would still have to contend with the wreckage of the flying flotilla that the elemental cult scattered from the North Road all the way through the city, across the harbor, and into the Moonsea beyond. Agents of the Emerald Enclave have been working diligently to clear the wreckage, but the vortexes and storms have thus far proven too powerful to dispel. Even the strong arms and backs of the Order of the Gauntlet are being taxed to the extreme in the clean-up process.

What the future holds for Mulmaster is uncertain. With another city rocked by danger, the entire Moonsea region teeters on the brink of collapse; every battle grows increasingly more desperate as the days drag on. The people are cold and hungry, and their primary source of income now lies in ruins across the harbor. As with Phlan before it, the city of Mulmaster is only now realizing that the cities of Faerun will only thrive if they can put aside their historic differences and work together – some dangers are simply too powerful to face alone.

And even now, watchful eyes turn their gaze upon the glories of Hillsfar to the west. A glorious arena and a grand history; indeed, the Hillsfarans are people of great passions…

Initial rumours and information

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