Fort Dalton

Elmwood_and_surrounds.jpgFort Dalton was built centuries ago on the juncture of the River Lis and River Dalton to guard the then existing bridge which spanned the River Lis. It had docks and a town to support it. During one of the many dragon migrations, Fort Dalton was blasted into rubble. A cult of some forbidden god or other now dwells there, or so the story goes. In 1490 DR Mulmaster, disturbed by reports of cultist activity there and having had prior dealings with the cult, sent a patrol. The patrol reported the following:

RAZED BY DRAGONS, FORT DALTON IS LITTLE MORE THAN BLASTED RUBBLE. Despite the reports there was little life in the ruins save animals. The wilderness has nearly re-claimed the once thriving city. Of note was the particularly loud sound of waves upon the old docks.
—Hawks Report to the High Blade DR 1490

It was later discovered that elemental cultists had been hiding in the ruins, and had participated in the devastating attack on Mulmaster.

Other Information and Rumours about Fort Dalton:

  • The bridge across the River Lis was destroyed at the same time as Fort Dalton.
  • Prior to its destruction, it was home to Griffon-Riders.
  • The Elemental Evil Cult of Water used it recently.
  • Bandits have used it as a base occasionally, but rarely for long.
  • There is ruins of a small town that is mostly overgrown by the forest surrounding the fort.
  • It is haunted by the ghost of Lord Dalton
  • The government of Mulmaster had intended to rebuild the fort and the bridge, but now cannot do so due to having to rebuild their own city.
  • The bridge has been completely destroyed, there is none of it left.
  • If the bridge and fort were rebuilt, whoever controlled Fort Dalton would control access to the Moonsea, both along the river and along the road from Mulmaster.
  • Cundall’s Keep may have originally been built as an outpost of the fort.

Fort Dalton

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