Elven Court

Abandoned_Cormanthor_-_Todd_Lockwood.jpgThe Elven Court (sometimes called “Old Elven Court” after its destruction by the drow) is one of four old elven communities in the forest of Cormanthor (the others being Myth Drannor, Semberholme and the Tangled Trees), part of the elven empire of Cormanthyr. It is also an institution of elven administration, which when the location of the Elven Court was attacked and destroyed, moved to the elven city of Cormanthor (now known as Myth Drannor), but has since moved back.

The Elven Court is a holy site for the elves, a Seldarine-blessed place of pilgrimage, where the elves first convened to serve justice and decide the outcome of the Crown Wars and the fate of elves.

The Elven Court (both the site and the institution) has a massively long history, too long to even put a summary. Once a formidable force in the Dalelands and Moonsea area, these days the Elven Court is much depleted, especially after The Retreat when the vast majority of elves left the continent of Faerun. However even in its comparatively weakened state, the Elven Court today is still the most organised community of elves in the Cormanthor Forest. The population comprises elves of all types living in several communities. The elders meet to administer the area, to organise patrols and respond to threats to the entire Cormanthor Forest. Even so the Elven Court is still littered with old buildings of every conceivable size and shape, from
box-sized shacks to spectacular palaces big enough to hold a convention of storm giants. Most have been
picked clean.

In recent history the Elven Court population increased after the city of Myth Drannor was mostly destroyed by the Netherese floating city of Shade in 1487 DR. Even so the area is sparsely populated, but well patrolled. There are watchposts at all trails leading in and out of the area. It is doubtful the Elven Court could repel a serious attack, but there is currently no force in the area that is in a position to do so, with the possible exception of Hillsfar. However Hillsfar is unlikely to be attacking in the near future, as they have their own problems. Threats to the security of the Elven Court come in the form of incursions of small bands of gnolls, goblins, or random attacks from monstrous creatures.

The elders recently have been debating what to do about the disorganised drow refugees appearing from the Underdark, fleeing the incursions and attacks from demonic tainted fire giants and their slaves. The current policy is to ignore them in hope they will gravitate towards the refugee camps for drow and other races at the edges of the Cormanthor Forest, and near Elventree.

Because it is a site once actually visited by the chief elven god Corellon Larethian, the Elven Court has always been, and still is today, a pilgrimage site.

Elven Court

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