Elanil Elassidil

Elanil.jpgElanil Elassidil, known as the Moonsilver Herald (see Heralds), serves as the de facto leader of Elventree, a position she has held for nearly a century. Famous throughout the Moonsea for her accomplishments as a bard, her true calling is less publicized: Elanil is a high-ranking Harper, and finds herself involved behind the scenes in many of the region’s intrigues.

She is clever, generous, and kind to those who would be her friends. Elanil is largely responsible for Elventree’s peace and safety, even as chaos spreads in the outside world. She takes her role as protector quite seriously, and moves decisively against those who threaten her charges.

Elanil is the chair of the Moonsea Emergency Council, a group of decision makers dedicated to the fall of Graz’zt and ending his influence in the Moonsea and Dalelands regions.

Quote: “One song to soothe a temper flare / another for a broadened view / and soon you’ll find a pint to share / a friend to sing along with you.”

Elanil Elassidil

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