chaab2.jpgChaab is the most senior Zhentarim agent in the Moonsea area. He lives and works from the Zhent slums of Mulmaster (where the Zhent people fled to after the fall of Zhentil Keep). However he also travels around the Moonsea area attending to various needs of the faction.

Chaab is a small, wirey human perhaps in his 30’s with a commanding presence. He can quell a volatile situation with a hard stare and prefers non-violent means to achieve goals but does not shy away from using (or organising) extreme violence when called for.

Chaab is generally not secretive about himself. Here is a snippet from an interview he did with Delwyn Ilar, of the Podal Prophet, an attempt at a newspaper produced from Phlan before it was taken over by a dragon.

“Folks call me Chaab on account that’s my name. I was born in Zhentil Keep, or at least what has been rebuilt of it. Where I grew up there aren’t a lot of options for a boy. If your family is rich, you might learn a trade. My mum wasn’t rich and I never knew my dad. If you are religious or political, you might join the church of the Black Lord. I ain’t never been all that religious. You could become a merc. I thought about that, but I have trouble fighting for somebody else when I don’t care nothing ‘bout their cause. You could always just let others take what you got and not join anything, but I never been no sucker either. So that leaves me one choice. Find an in with the Zhentarim. I done that and turns out, I’m pretty good at it.”

Chaab has met the party (see The Madman’s Prophecy – Part 7) when they first uncovered the fey’ri working in the Cormanthor Forest.

Chaab is on the Moonsea Emergency Council, a group of decision makers from all factions and significant groups plotting the downfall of Graz’zt and destroying the demon lord’s influence in the Moonsea and Dalelands region.


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