Actual Moonsea

“The Moonsea is a cold, unforgiving, turbulent body of water that’ll pull you under and end your life if you make the slightest mistake. But that’s fine, since her people are precisely the same way!”
— —Elminster of Shadowdale

The Moonsea

The Moonsea is a cold, clear, deep lake the color of dark amethyst, with frequent storms and turbulent weather that mirrors its turbulent past and present. It is a place where unwary adventurers can either make a name for themselves or be buried under the dark, hungry waves.

The Moonsea contains no known islands. However, there are stories of sunken islands that rise on certain nights of the year and sink again at dawn. These islands are rumored to house odd creatures, fantastic treasures, and lost secrets of magic.

Special Locations

Bell in the Depths
The ruins of Northkeep, the first human settlement in the Moonsea.

Isle of Maos
A mysterious island said to appear every four years north of Hillsfar.

Pirate Harbour
There is rumoured to be a secret pirate harbour along the rocky northern coast of the Moonsea, between Zhentil Keep and Phlan. Carved from the cliffsides, it supposedly houses pirate ships, prisoners (many from rich families), loot from raided vessels, and the usual expected pirate treasure. Unfortunately, the base is also said to be guarded by some huge sea creature.

Shipyard Graveyard
Beware this place: It is infested with sea-going undead that are protecting something of great value. No one
knows what that is—most believe it is a grand treasure. Greedy mortals who venture there fall victim to undead press gangs.

Undersea Races/Ecology

The Moonsea is stocked with a large variety of fish and crustaceans. The plentiful marine life supports the coastal cities as well as the large number of creatures that dwell in the sea itself. There are numerous schools of giant pike, giant gar, and lampreys. No whales or dolphins live in the Moonsea.

Though dragons no longer spawn in the Moonsea, reports of a huge dragon turtle that makes its home in the westernmost spur of the Moonsea have been confirmed.

A large colony of scrags (sea trolls) exists off the coast of Hulburg.

The Moonsea is home to a unique brand of seaweed called salt ivy. Salt ivy is a navigational hazard known to slow ships to a crawl. The plant is used as a spell component for certain water-based spells.

Actual Moonsea

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