Steel eyed halfling warrior


Most halflings are jolly fellows, easily intimidated. This halfling looks like he’s had a hard life and means business.


Name: Fubar Tosscobble changed name to Minimus Decimus Meridius
Nickname: “Minimus”
Class: Fighter (Battlemaster) / Rogue
Race: Stout Halfling
Background: Hillsfar Smuggler

He was arrested by the Red Plumes with his father and sister as they worked the fields outside of Hillsfar. The reason for their arrest is unknown but it may have had something to do with Minimus and his outspoken dislike of Hillsfar. His father and sister perished in the Arena, he survived for two days.

Minimus eventually escaped with the aid of “ Stumbleduck” a gnome smuggler. He now owes the gnome a great debt, which he is willing to honour at any cost.

Minimus works with smugglers trafficking contraband/farming equipment to non-humans. He sympathizes with non-humans and works as part of the network of secret routes and safe houses that help them pass through Hillsfar.

The halfling fighter uses the tunnels to enter Hillsfar and attack any Red Plumes and sabotage their business. Minimus’s quest for revenge is all consuming and may lead to his death and anyone connected with him.

Personality Trait: If someone is in trouble, I’m always ready to lend help.
Hillsfar Smuggler Trait: The blood sports of the Arena sicken me.
Ideals: Tyrants must not be allowed to oppress the people.
Hillsfar Smuggler Ideal: Impulsive/ Vengeful, Planning is often a waste of time. No plan survives contact with reality. It’s easier to dive in and deal with the consequences.
Hillsfar Smuggler Bond: smuggled agricultural goods fornon-human farmers. I try to help them when I can.
Hillsfar Bonds: Abolitionist: The blood sports of the Arena, particularly those involving non-human slaves, are an abomination that should be ended. I do what I can to speak out and act against them.
Hillsfar Smugglers Flaw: My hatred for the Red Plumes burns so brightly that I have difficulty suppressing it around them.

What you know:
Because of the recent reinstatement of laws preventing non-humans within the city of Hillsfar, many have fled to the countryside around the city. With the departure of military threats from the west and north, many of these refugees from Hillsfar and new arrivals from Phlan have tried their hand at farming. As the previously dangerous lands are now safe, and with a demand for food from city businesses, it seemed like a natural fit.
However, some of the Red Plumes—not content with their soldier’s wages—seek out less-than-scrupulous means of lining their pockets and bring the city’s prejudices to the country and to those who thought that they’d left them all behind at the city’s gates. Non humans are taxed illegally, and are subject to abuse and theft from the Red Plumes, and believe there is nothing they can do about it. It might not be long until they strike back.

Three Red Plume companies patrol the roads out of Hillsfar and they stick to their own route. For example the company commanded by Captain Erlich patrols the road north and west of Hillsfar, while Captain Xavier’s company patrols the road east to Elventree.

Who you know:

  • Stumbleduck – gnome smuggler in Hillsfar. You owe him your life when he rescued you from The Arena.
  • The Tinfellow Halfling clan – their farms are on the border of the Cormanthor Forest. When making deliveries to them they have always made you feel welcome and fed you well. They would also hide you from the Red Plumes if need be.
  • Falwan Underbough, a male halfling of middle age, who acts as community leader for the new settlement of Lighthouse which comprises mostly of non-human refugees from Hillsfar, but also others refugees from Phlan and Mulmaster. Falwan is someone else to whom you make regular deliveries.


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