Maire Seneforth - Beholderslayer

A young human female wearing the insignia of the Mages' Guild of Hillsfar


Marie is a young human female with dark short hair and red and cream robes. She wears the insignia of the Mages’ Guild of Hillsfar, and gives people she doesn’t know a cool, calculating look.


Marie Seneforth – Wizard (Divination Specialist), Human Female, Chaotic Good Neutral Good
PERSONALITY TRAITS: I use polysyllabic words that convey the impression of great erudition.
There’s nothing I like more than a good mystery.
IDEAL: Knowledge. The path to power and self improvement is through knowledge. Nature. The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization.
BOND: Human Activist. The Great Law of Humanity is abhorrent. I do what I can to oppose the law and the pogroms under it and to help non-humans in the city.
FLAW: I am easily distracted by the promise of information
FACTION RANK/RENOWN: Harper, Rank 3 (Brightcandle) and has 5 points of Renown. (Maybe more now?)
Marie is a native of Hillsfar, but has since left due to her objection to the Great Law of Humanity. She swapped her grey novice robes for clothes of brighter hue as a symbol of her break. However both Marie and the Guild still consider her to be a member, although they are both waiting for the other to change before she comes back to the fold. Marie disdains organized government, citing Hillsfar as the reason people of all races should be responsible for their own destiny and governance.

Marie has spent many years studying under different tutors, including elves, gnomes etc and is a considerable repository of lore. She firmly believes that the best way to defeat an enemy is to study it. She speaks seven languages, including some rarer dialects.

In combat Marie prefers to misdirect and confuse her opponents, exploiting any weaknesses and allowing her more martial companions to gain the upper hand.

What you know:
Lately the people of Hillsfar have grown restless, lustful and greedy. They clamour for new spectacles to satiate their hedonistic desires; desires the Red Plumes are only happy to profit from.

There is only one entrance into Hillsfar: a single huge gate in the southeast section of the city. All citizens of Hillsfar are required to carry passes that enable them to come and go (Marie still has hers), though each arrival and departure is dutifully recorded by the Red Plumes acting as city guards.Every visitor to Hillsfar is challenged by the Red Plumes, who demand to know the reason for entry. Names and descriptions of those given permission to enter are recorded in a huge book, called The Strangers’ Log, that lies on a stone stand near the gate. The entry fee is 2 gp per person. Each visitor is allowed to stay in Hillsfar for a specific time, not exceeding the next occurrence of the lunar phase present at their arrival. In other words, if someone enters Hillsfar during the full moon, she or he had better be out by the time of the next full moon. Offenders, as well as unauthorized visitors, wind up in the Arena.

While in Hillsfar weaponry must be peace bonded, and spell use (both wizardly and clerical) is carefully watched.

Much like his predecessor, Nash Sorinius, master of the Mages’ Guild of Hillsfar, sees First Lord Torin Nomerthal as a ruining influence on the city. Rather than just making certain that The First Lord doesn’t crush them, the Guild’s mission has now expanded to include actually overthrowing the cruel lord. Nash and his colleagues not only train new wizards in the arts of magic but also mould their minds to be rebellious to the First Lord. The Guild has also succeeded in smuggling into Hillsfar a number of elves and half-elves, all of whom are proficient and loyal mages, warriors, and priests. The Guild trains and equips them, then sends them out of the city to spy on Red Plume activity beyond the walls. If there is a good faction in Hillsfar, it’s the Mages’ Guild. Although self-preservation is always high on the Guild’s agenda (and was in fact the original reason the organization was founded), the liberation of Hillsfar from Torin Nomerthal’s rule is increasingly viewed by all members as a necessity.

Who you know:

  • Olisara Lightsong – female elf and Harper representative to the Moonsea region. When she wants to be found she is often at the Cloverwall Roadhouse, a ramshackle in about a day’s travel northwest of Hillsfar.
  • Nash Sorinius is the Master of the Hillsfar Mages’ Guild, and is a talented and skilled archmage who has been a teacher and sponsor to many apprentice wizards over the years. He took the Test of High Sorcery as soon as possible, before he was truly prepared, and paid the price. Streaks of a strange ethereal silver discolour his face and hair, and all of his pupils, marking his flawed performance, and he must keep constant illusions woven to appear normal. The other effect is that it seems to have given him an unnaturally long life, although most non-wizards assume it’s because of magic.

Maire Seneforth - Beholderslayer

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