Cundall - The Great Druid

A druid of indeterminate age wearing blue robes and carrying a pig.


Cundall is a druid who prefers to wear sky blue robes instead of the traditional greens or browns. He is usually followed around by his animal companion – a pig.


Background: Folk hero
Traits: doesn’t let anything get in the way of something he has set his mind to.
Flaw: Has a hard time trusting new people (party members)
Tree hugger: must protect the Forrest of Cormanthor
Faction Rank/Renown: Emerald Enclave, rank 3 (Autumnreaver) and has 11 points of Renown including one special mission (helping Brightleaf the treant). See below for special downtime activity available.

Cundall has a special relationship with local farmers in that he helps them with the wisdom to increase crop yields in a deal which prevents them from tearing down the Forrest to expand their fields. He has also recently been seen as some what of a local folk hero when he stood up against a group of red plumes whom were harassing one of the local farming families.

Cundall is a servant of Chauntea the goddess of agriculture and a follower of nature as a power unto its own.
Cundall has a pet pot bellied pig that he uses as a focus for spell casting he has named the pig Chauntea after his deity.

He is also the part time custodian and maintainer of the shrine to Chauntea in Elventree.

What you know:
Something isn’t right in the Cormanthor Forest. The animals are on edge, and there is a sense of unease amongst the fey. You have heard, but not seen, of some animals being born different, for example they might have six toes, or they might grow to a large size soon after being born and turn aggressive and dangerous.

Local legends state that those who drink from the Spring of Blessed Life before important events – childbirith, marriage, or coming of age, for example – find good health and good fortune for years afterwards. Recent rumours, however, speak of the area around the spring becoming suddenly haunted and unwelcoming. Supernatural phenomena drive people mad as they seek the spring, pilgrims of the spring go temporarily blind as they seek it, and several people have not returned from pilgrimages there. You think you might have to go investigate this at some point. Maybe not alone.

Who you know:

  • Nymarrath – aged elven druid who worships Selune, custodian of the Silver Cave in Elventree and member of the Emerald Enclave. She has a young half elf apprentice named Beralt.
  • Seranolla the Whisperer – Gnome priestess of Mielikki, custodian of the Halls of the Unicorn (Temple to Mielikki) in Elventree. She is the senior ranking member of the Emerald Enclave on the southern and western region of the Moonsea area.
  • Clerics of Chauntea in Hillsfar. They specialise in brewing mead, and provide food and drink services to Hillsfarans as well as providing advice to farmers and brewers in and around Hillsfar. They also run an orphanage with the profits from their business and report ever increasing numbers of abandoned children in the city.
  • Most of the farmers north of the Cormanthor Forest. You’ve helped them with their crops and minimised the damage to the environment.

Rank 3 Downtime Activities

Members of the five factions who have achieved rank 3 have access to the following special downtime activities when adventuring in and around Hillsfar and in the Underdark beneath the city.

Madness Ward. You are an Autumnreaver of the Emerald Enclave, and know that the madness creeping to the surface world from the depths of the Underdark is wholly unnatural. By performing cleansing rituals and warding areas where demonic madness has been seen or felt, you and your companions can bolster your resistance to that madness. For each downtime day you spend, you can grant yourself or an ally a madness ward that lasts until your next long rest. A creature with this madness ward can use a reaction to gain advantage on a saving throw against madness. A character can have only one madness ward active at a time. This could be of benefit if you were to run out of braincap fungi, or if you wanted to help an ally affected by madness but not want to use up your own stash of braincap fungi.

Cundall - The Great Druid

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